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Issue #1

In Our 1st Issue:

  • Become an engaging storyteller (Neil deGrasse Tyson is a fraud. Well, kinda)
  • You’re probably more of an expert than you think
  • The most underrated music website of all time
  • A very ugly website that might save you lots of money

by Julian Shapiro

Are you one of those people who can enthrall friends and family when you tell stories? Yea, we aren’t either 😢. Here’s an entertaining and detailed breakdown of how to become one.

Key Idea: Blow your own mind when you tell stories. Resurface the same emotions that came up when it actually happened.

Bonus Fact: If you’ve ever heard an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, you know he’s an incredibly captivating storyteller. What you probably didn’t know? Almost all the stories and analogies he speaks in public are first written down.

by Gary Basin

This short post offers an unconventional take on expertise. The good news? You might have much more to offer others than you realize.

Key Quote: “If you think you’re not an expert in something, you are probably wrong.”

Like finding amazing, underrated new music wayyy before it hits the radio? This website is made for you. Hype Machine compiles the best music from hundreds of high quality, independent music blogs across the internet (the site was an inspiration for this very newsletter).

If you become a listener, you’ll regularly get the opportunity to drop this devastating line on your friends: “Oh you just heard that song? Yea, I’ve actually been listening to it for a couple years.”

We’ll be honest, the name of this website is dumb and it looks terrible. But it just might save you hundreds of dollars. The site indexes every amazon product, and alerts you when the stuff you want to buy goes on sale. They show you the entire price history of a given product, along with the most extreme price drops across Amazon’s entire catalog in the past day. Here’s a price history chart for an expensive camera:


Poll Question of the Week:

When I’m eating brownies, I prefer the ______.

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