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Issue #2

In Our 2nd Issue:

  • Get yourself a little bit freaked out (for a good cause)
  • Deep thoughts on risk-taking by famous historical figures
  • Underwater cables for offshore wind turbines are… thiccc
  • The definitive guide to the most amazing, unusual, and surprising places around the world

by Tim Urban (from the Wait but Why blog)

At Pearl Runner, we’re big proponents of getting a little bit freaked out sometimes – when it’s for the right reasons. This article shows an incredibly eye-opening visual depiction of our life timelines. If you don’t get the chills at least once while reading this, you might want to check your pulse 💀

This is one of the charts that puts your whole life into perspective at just a glance:

by Paul Graham

This short article by Paul Graham (Co-founder of Y-Combinator, one of the most renowned Silicon Valley VC firms) brings a rarely considered viewpoint on how we look at risk-takers across history.

Interesting Thought: In Isaac Newton’s day: Physics, Alchemy, and Theology all seemed like equally promising topics to tackle. Newton (arguably the most accomplished physicist of all time) hedged his bets, working on all three. At the time no one knew which bet was worth tackling, if any. What do you think today’s version of this scenario is?

This twitter post by Natalie Biggs shows a cross section of the cables used to power offshore wind turbines. They use 50 kg of copper wire per meter (that’s over 110 lbs 😱).

We know what you’re wondering, YES we did the math 🤓 That’s 289 Moscow Mule mugs worth of copper for every 1 meter of cable.

This website claims to have the DEFINITIVE map of the world’s most extraordinary sights. After doing some digging around, we’re taking their word for it. The site has an “exhaustive catalogue with thousands of architectural oddities, natural wonders, catacombs, crypts, and unique collections from across the world’s continents and oceans.”

All the places included are crowdsourced by an extremely active community of world-travelers. Take a quick look and you’ll find much more than just Yelp’s greatest hits. This might be the perfect research tool for your next COVID-rage-induced cross-country road-trip.

Poll Question of the Week:

If I could pick a single personality trait/attribute to turn up to the MAX, it would be:

And that’s a wrap! If you have any comments, suggestions, recommendations, or just general feedback we’d love to hear from you! Email us at and we’ll include our favorite comments in next week’s edition (and maybe in our Instagram feed 🧐). Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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