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Issue #15

Welcome to Pearl Runner issue 15! Our favorite GIF of the week to start us off:


In Our 15th Issue:

  • 🎨 Incredible South Korean Concept Art
  • 🙋‍♀️ A Captivating Quiz About Where You Live
  • 🍴 Automatically Plan Your Meals and Get Endless Recipes
  • 📊 A Poll On Your Personal Past


South Korean Concept Artist

Well, we told you to expect cool stuff you wouldn’t have found otherwise, and unless you’re big into the South Korean Architectural Concept Art scene, we feel confident you don’t already know about this one.

JaeCheol Park aka “Paperbluenet” creates incredible architectural drawings that make you feel like you’re in a dream-world. Check out his gallery by clicking on the orange button below, or go straight to his instagram page here.

Here’s some more of our favorite work:

The Big Here Quiz - Kevin Kelly

How knowledgeable are you about where you live? How aware are you of your home’s greater place among the world?

Kevin Kelly’s blog features a fascinating quiz to test these questions, and get you thinking about how well you understand the greater context of the place you call home.

If you’re like me you’ll probably score very low on the quiz, but I loved how it made me consider some of the “big picture” questions about things we have the luxury of ignoring in the modern world. Here’s a couple intriguing questions from the list:

  • “Where does your electric power come from and how is it generated?”
  • “Where does the pollution in your air come from?”

Check out the full quiz here 👇

Eat This Much


We’ve posted a few recipe/food websites before, and this one might be our favorite. Simply enter the number of calories and number of meals you want to eat in a day, and the site will spit out an entire day’s worth of meals/recipes for you.

The site has a bunch of extra features like auto-meal planning if you make an account, but the home page alone is a great source of ideas. The screenshot below shows the result after I spent about 3 seconds on the inputs.

We love useful websites that are easy to use, and this page does just that, enjoy!

Check out the homepage here 👇

Newsletter of the Week - Awesome Things

This week’s featured newsletter is called Awesome things, by our friend John Suder.

Awesome Things is a weekly newsletter featuring 10 of the best things on the internet – no hard news, gruesome stats, or politics – curated and delivered fresh each Friday Morning.

We absolutely love all of the great art and design in John’s letter each week. When you sign up you’ll see, every issue is packed with great pictures and images of all kinds. Click below to get the next issue!

Our Other Favorite Newsletters (click the logos to subscribe)

Morning Brew: Gets you up to speed on business, finance, and tech in just 5 minutes

1440: All your news in a single email

The Daily Upside: Business news that’s worth you’re time.

Poll Question of the Week:

Last week’s poll results:

Pizza was the big winner last week! With beer and pasta tied for runner-up. Lots of props to whoever submitted PBJ as their top choice, I can’t say I agree, but I’m happy there’s someone out there getting so much consistent joy out of PB&Js.

This Week's Question: 🍜

If I could go back in time to change what I chose to pursue right after high school, I would.

And that’s a wrap! If you have any comments, suggestions, recommendations, or just general feedback we’d love to hear from you! Email us at and we’ll include our favorite comments in next week’s edition (and maybe in our Instagram feed 🧐). Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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