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Issue #13

Welcome to issue 13! We dug deep into the analytics this week to put together this special “best of” edition. We’re including the top 5 most popular features from our first 3 months. We personally curate every selection, so these links are truly the best of the best.

Also, don’t miss the new poll at the end, it’s a good one 😉

Before we jump in, the most mesmerizing GIF of the week:


Here's the most popular links from our first 3 months:

  • 😎 The Coolest Website on the Internet
  • 💌 Hunter S. Thompson’s Amazing Letter
  • 👴 68 Bits of Advice from a 68 Year-Old
  • 🐣 A Surprising Look at Baby Names
  • 🌊 Deep Sea Scrolling

Poolsuite - Website

If the distinct “vibe” of the late 80’s + early 90’s could be perfectly captured in a website, this is it. You need to see it for the full experience, but expect great vintage-style music, retro TV clips, and a design that makes you feel like your browsing from one of these:

Check it out here 👇

Hunter S. Thompson's Letter on Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaning Life

by Hunter S. Thompson, featured in the Farnam Street Blog

This letter from a 22-year-old Hunter S. Thompson – who would become one of the most brilliant writers of the 20th century – is simply some of the most engaging and elegant life advice we’ve ever read.

His writing is so entertaining that when you finish, you want to go right back to read it again just to re-visit all the wit and wisdom packed into each sentence. Imagine having this much insight at age 22!

Key Quotes (There’s an abundance of great quotes in this one) –

Let’s assume that you think you have a choice of eight paths to follow (all pre-defined paths, of course). And let’s assume that you can’t see any real purpose in any of the eight. THEN— and here is the essence of all I’ve said— you MUST FIND A NINTH PATH.”
“Beware of looking for goals: look for a way of life. Decide how you want to live and then see what you can do to make a living WITHIN that way of life.”

Check out more of his art at the link below 👇

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

By Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly has some legendary blog posts we’ve heard mentioned in books, podcasts, and other articles for years. We really enjoyed reading through this one, you’re guaranteed to find some gems. A couple of our favorites:

“Rule of 7 in research: You can find out anything if you are willing to go seven levels. If the first source you ask doesn’t know, ask them who you should ask next, and so on down the line. If you are willing to go to the 7th source, you’ll almost always get your answer.”
“You are what you do. Not what you say, not what you believe, not how you vote, but what you spend your time on.”

A couple key quotes:

“Quality is a result of quantity even in creative pursuits.”
“People often like to postpone this hard work to when they get their magic idea because it’s the easy option and they don’t realize that the right time is right now.”

See the entire list here 👇

How to Name a Baby

by Tim Urban (from the Wait But Why Blog)

If you have a name – or know anyone else that has one – you’ll love this article. It’s less “instructional” than it sounds, and more of an exploration into names and their trends over time.

The post is packed with delightful random facts. For example: Names that start with the same letters tend to peak in the same time periods 👇

At the very least, you’ll want to peek at the website he uses for research. Formerly called “The Baby Name Wizard” and now a part of, it shows a ton of fascinating information about any name you can think of, including: graphs of popularity over time (all the way back to 1880!), country of origin, meaning, and current popularity ranking in your country.

If you just want to check out the name research site, we’ve got you covered 👇

The Deep Sea - Website

This one will make perfect sense when you see it. Get a feel for the scale of the ocean’s depth without the crippling anxiety of actually experiencing it (but maybe still a little bit of anxiety just from scrolling)

Click the Link below 👇

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Poll Question of the Week:

First, last week’s poll results:

The Lion King reigns! I’d say the only surprise here is a decent turnout for the dark horse – Hercules, and less love than expected for the classic – Mulan. With my almost 2-year old starting to get into Disney movies, expect more cartoon-related polls in the near future.

This Week's Question: 🎼

If I could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of my life, it would be ______.

And that’s a wrap! If you have any comments, suggestions, recommendations, or just general feedback we’d love to hear from you! Email us at and we’ll include our favorite comments in next week’s edition (and maybe in our Instagram feed 🧐). Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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