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What's so good about this newsletter??

A bit curt… but it’s a fair question.

At Pearl Runner, our hobby is going down internet rabbit-holes. We’ve been doing it for YEARS.

Our content library is amazing, and we’ve always loved sharing our best discoveries.

We especially love posts from independent blogs and personal websites (stuff that takes some digging around to find).

We started a weekly newsletter to send the best content to YOUR inbox, simple as that.

Reader Reviews

Here’s what our readers have to say about Pearl Runner:

"I love all the interesting sites you send out! I’d never find them on my own! And your newsletters always make me laugh!"
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"I look forward to Pearl Runner each week. They always have unique, interesting, and varied content that I would otherwise never come across! It’s also highly entertaining and well-written."
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"I love the interesting articles, videos, and websites. It's always a welcome change from the same old boring news!"
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What type of stuff will you send me??

Another reasonable question, but please watch the tone.

The 3 main qualities we look for: Interesting, Unique, and Entertaining.

We’ll include the most amazing articles, blog posts,  websites, videos, and art from around the internet.

This isn’t some bozo Buzzfeed curator 🤡 We only send high-quality, unique content. You’ll look forward to this email every week. 

Pearl Runner will be a weekly treasure in the dumpster that is your email inbox. 

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